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is a generic Window management PHP code that allow any PHP application to propose to the user a friendly graphical interface. Php Window System manage the main window, the title header, menu bars with sub-menus, footers, popup windows.



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(notice that the demo is hosted on a free service, it may not work properly on crowded hours and low speed connections - sorry. You may then download the demo and playit locally).

Short description of the demonstration

The demonstration simulate a little application which name is 'MiniPhpZip'. The goal of this application is to create and manage Zip archives.

The MiniPhpZip application characteristics are described in an xml file (sample.xml). This file contains informations about the name, version, logo of the application and the graphical properties that PWS will have to manage.

The specific source code of MiniPhpZip is implemented in a 'document' class that inherit a PWS class (PwsDocument). This class is used to communicate with PWS event manager. The specific source code can also be coded in any file, but the 'document' class will always be used to interact with PWS. This class is in the file sample.class.php.

A main script is used to start and run the application (sample.php).



Please notice that today PWS is only working with Inetrnet Explorer. I do have problems with Javascript and Netscape or Mozilla. This should be corrected in a near futur ...

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